Unsorted recyclables

Dear Garden Square Members,

Once again plastic bags have been found inside the newspaper bins, compost bins and hard plastic / containers bins. There have been plastic bags full of unsorted recyclables and garbage placed inside of various recycling bins. Further, there have also been recyclable items found inside the garbage bins.

The entire community faces financial consequences for this as the city will charge us for finding recycling / compost items in our garbage bins. In addition, any recycling bins that have inappropriate items in them will not be pick up causing the bins to be too full to put more recyclables inside them. This will cause the community to have recycling backlogged in all our houses and we may see a larger amount of recycling being put in the garbage; where in we are back at the first point of us all being charged money for these actions.

Please be aware that our housing charges are low for a reason – each and every member contributes and work hard so our community does not incur extra charges! In fact some of your neighbours have cleaned up these messes to prevent all of us being charged. Though this is very kind it is not ok that another member to has to clean up their neighbours mess.

The Board of Directors would like to remind ALL members that no matter who in your house is taking out the garbage or recycling that sorting it out into the appropriate bins is of upmost importance. If you are facing challenges doing your recycling please contact the Board or Task. And if you are unaware of what is recyclable and what is garbage or how to recycle please visit the following links:

Blue/Yellow/Grey Bins https://www.burnaby.ca/City-Services/Garbage—Recycling/Multi-Family-Collection/Multi-Family-Recycling-Guidelines.html

Green Bins https://www.burnaby.ca/City-Services/Garbage—Recycling/Multi-Family-Collection/Multi-Family-Green-Bin-Guidelines.html

Garbage Bins https://www.burnaby.ca/City-Services/Garbage—Recycling/Multi-Family-Collection/Multi-Family-Garbage-Guidelines.html

Thank you,
Claire Inkster – Vice President