Garden Square is a family orientated community that prides itself on it’s diversity and spirit. Our history is one of people helping people creating a secure, happy place to live that is affordable and independent. It is a tradition we cherish.

A Co-Op Life

Happycooppeople01Our Co-Op is a non-profit organization. It is managed by our members through an elected Board of Directors.

Because we are non-profit, the cost of our housing is kept to a minimum. In return, our members are expected to attend regular meetings, contribute a significant amount of voluntary time, and maintain their units in good order.

We are members, not tenants. We manage our housing democratically, electing a Board of Directors from among our residents. Every one of us has an equal voice in decisions about our housing community.


All of us volunteer on the committees that do our co-operative’s work.

Our Co-Op members are required to fulfill their financial responsibilities, attend general meetings, and abide by our rules and regulations.

We contribute our time and effort towards the successful operation of our Co-op. We also like to have lots fun!

We have no equity investments in our homes. We reinvest all operating surpluses back into our housing.

We are not alone, but part of over 250,000 Canadians, who are members of 2,216 non-profit housing cooperatives throughout the country.

We supply adult education for our members to help them be effective in the many varied roles needed for our Co-Op to be successful.

We fund training courses, provide reference material, and encourage member mentoring to help us develop the skills our membership needs to manage our housing.

We like living in co-operatives. We are feel more satisfied than those who rent privately or who live in other kinds of social housing. We have more opportunity for involvement and greater control over our lives.

How we live

Friendly Neighbours

At Garden Square we pride ourselves on the sense of community we feel here. It’s our home and we love it.


Our annual summer BBQ’ draws everyone outside for some of the best burgers and pot luck dishes, music and dancing. We have a regular run of recreation activities for our members and their families.

Work Parties

These fun parties give us a chance to get out, dig in, clean up and chow down. Oh, and do some work to!

Our Beautiful Area

We are just minutes from Burnaby’s premier Central Park. Our area has extensive bike, jogging and exercise trails. Forests, lakes, ponds , picnic areas, and playgrounds, are all within walking distance. Down town is a 35 minute bike commute via several close by urban trails.


Inman Elementary School is just one block away serving kindergarten thru grade seven. Moscrop Secondary School is walking distance serving grade eight thru grade twelve.

Public Transportation

We are adjacent to the # 28 bus route and are close to both Joyce and Patterson Skytrain stations.


Pets are allowed with some restrictions.

Participation Is Us!

Several hours a month may sound like a lot, but it can be fun and gives us a chance to meet and get to know each other.