Maintenance Committee Co-Chair

Hello all, as Anne Marie’s term as Chair of the Maintenance Committee is coming up soon, the Maintenance Committee has agreed to add a Co-Chair to transition into the position over a period of time. Chris Twemlow is now Co-Chair of the Maintenance Committee. He lives at 3870 Hertford Street, and can be reached at 778-319-9697.

Also, a reminder about maintenance requests: All requests must be made to the Maintenance Committee’s email account at:

In order to keep maintenance requests tracked properly, no phone, verbal, or text requests can be accepted, please use the email account. Emails are monitored at all times, and will be responded to right away.

If you feel you have any unresolved maintenance requests, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you!

Thank you,
Anne Marie Bender – Maintenance Committee Co-Chair
Chris Twemlow – Maintenance Committee Co-Chair